About One Beaded Sister

One Beaded Sister/ Terri Scalise Roller

I began designing and making jewelry in 2007 after a visit to my first bead shop with a young cousin.  She inspired me to think about jewelry I would like to make and wear as well as jewelry I could create for others. 


All of my designs are created in my home studio using genuine gemstones, colorful glass beads and various metals that I collect when I travel. These one-of-a kind pieces are inspired by my experiences and reflect my lifelong love for unique and creative jewelry and clothing.    


I most enjoy working with Herkimer diamonds. Herkimer, New York, my hometown, holds a very special place in my heart. Incorporating Herkimer diamonds in my designs brings back wonderful memories of family, simple pleasures and peaceful surroundings.  I truly believe that sometimes it takes something simple to make us feel enormously satisfied.


I hope you find that one of my pieces brings you back to a place of simple pleasures. 

Terri Scalise Roller